Reina, entertaining its guests at the most wonderful point of the city with a shining panorama of İstanbul facing the opposite side, along with a magnificent Bridge over the Bosphorus. Reina opens it’s doors at 6.00 pm and restaurants start serving at 7.00 pm. Club renders service between 10.00 pm to 5.00 am. Reina; bringing together the most popular restaurants of İstanbul such as Park Şamdan, Köşebaşı, Dragon, Itsumi, Blue Topaz and Reina Restaurant together; aims to be the choice of gourmet diners continuously.

Reina Restaurant
Reina Restaurant, which is located in the most beautiful point of Istanbul, continues to entertain its visitors in the best manner this summer with its delicious foods and unique atmosphere.
Mediterranean-dominant wonderful flavours, which are prepared by Fahrettin Temel, the successful chef of Reina Restaurant receives a big recognition by it’s visitors. Hot asparagus tart, escargot, crab meat, grilled sheep back fillet, veal sirloin, “marsala” sauced steak chateau, suckling veal medallions, Indonesia style mallard fillet, seabass fish in curlpaper, The Chief’s Reina Show, risotto with vegetables and porcini mushrooms, marina quail, chicken in rolls, ice cream flavors inside brandy snap basket, casatta with honey & nuts and much more…

Cuisine(s): Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine
Distance from Kaftan Hotel: 30 minutes by taxi
Price: 5/5

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